Make the PERM Process a Breeze with Park Advertising

Obtaining PERM labor certification from the Department of Labor can be a stressful process. The prevailing wage determination can take months, and even a small typo in your 9089 can result in ... Read more

Where to place your job advertisement?

For PERM certification cases, you need to know where to place your job advertisement. If you do not place your job advertisement in the right venue, then the USCIS may outright reject your case. Getting a green card is hard enough without worrying about making ... Read more

DIY or PERM Advertising Agency?

Why do I need a PERM Advertising Agency? I’m sure that sometimes you look at your case file and think “I’m sure I can do this on my own.” After all, DIY is becoming ingrained into our society. ... Read more

USCIS to redesign Permanent Resident Card (Green Cards)

In order to help stop counterfitting, the USCIS is going to redesign the Permanent Resident Card. If you are successful in your application for permanent residency, here are some new changes that your card may feature. Changes to Permanent Resident Cards According to the USCIS, the new Permanent ... Read more

PERM Certification: The Basics You Need To Know

PERM Certification

PERM Certification  PERM Certification can be confusing, so let's look at the basics. The US Department of Labor grants labor certifications to foreign nationals with a process called Program Electronic Review Management, or PERM. This is called the employment-based immigrant visa, or “Green Card”.   The task of ... Read more

5 States with the Highest Prevailing Wage Rates

Prevailing Wage Rates

One of the prerequisites of PERM advertising is knowing the prevailing wage rate for green card petitioners in the area where the job will be performed. This particular information differs among states, so firms must be aware of the differences between states. Because each state’s ... Read more

PERM Advertising Requirements

Perm Advertising Basics

One of the requirements for a petitioning company seeking PERM certification is to post PERM advertising in various media channels. A company has to advertise the job; moreover, this is proof for the Department of Labor that there is no U.S citizen or permanent resident ... Read more