Where to place your job advertisement?

For PERM certification cases, you need to know where to place your job advertisement. If you do not place your job advertisement in the right venue, then the USCIS may outright reject your case. Getting a green card is hard enough without worrying about making small mistakes in placement.


So what is required by the USCIS?




Your job advertisement must be placed in the Sunday edition of the major newspaper in your area. Why Sunday? That is the largest circulation date of the week. To satisfy the USCIS requirements, your job advertisement needs to read as many people as possible, and the way to do that is through the Sunday news. The New York Times has over a million copies in circulation on Sundays, almost double that of their daily papers! The USCIS figures that if another qualified applicant cannot be found through advertising in these Sunday papers, then you truly will be the right person for the job. These ads must run in two consecutive weeks!



Each state has a government sponsored job board for job seekers. The USCIS requires that you post your job advertisement on this SWA website. Unlike secondary requirements which do not specify how long a job must be posted, the SWA is required to be posted for 30 days times. Evidence of this length of time via screenshots is necessary for the USCIS.




At your workplace, you must place your job opening. This is to show the position to other people at your company already employed who may be qualified. Maybe you do not even need to reach out to a foreign employee when you have a naturalized US citizen already at your workplace to do the job. If you do not, this will show that you tried your due diligence to employ a US citizen for your position. This must be in a conspicuous area.




For professional positions ,there are secondary job advertisement options that must be chosen by the company. We will cover that in our next blog.


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